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Drive by 2

Drive By 2 is one of those utterly pointless 3D shooting games that you come across. The rules? There aren't any, you just go shooting at anything and everything as you 'drive by'. Just like being in New York really. Oh, and by the way, you need to be a bit careful as the police are out to stop your reign of terror, but then on the up side, you get to shoot them as well.

If you like to play 3D shooting games, this may amuse you. If, however, like Queen Victoria, you are not amused, we've plenty of other free online 3D shooting games! Everything from shooting elves, Pokemon, kids and even crocodiles and ghosts! After you play Drive By 2, why not check out and play these other free 3D shooting games online? Check out Sin War, one of our most popular online shooting games.



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