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Ally the Alien Game

You've got to feel sorry for Ally the Alien. Why? Coz he's an alien and he's lost his dog. Kinda like Lost in Space, except the acting's not as bad (and we mean both the TV series and the film, sorry Matt). Ally the Alien is a space adventure game in a strange world of floating platforms, hovering crystals, dangerous meteors and more. You'll need to help Ally jump from platform to platform, collecting crystals along the way in his search for his dog. Well, we assume its a he. If you miss a jump, Ally loses a life point. But you can help him gain a life point back by collecting five crystals. Watch out for the falling meteors, as well. When you find the dog, give it a damn good telling off for all the trouble he's put you through. And give him one from us as well, stupid space mutt.




Ally the Alien


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