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Christmas Burglary Game

It's Christmas Eve and you're lying awake in bed hoping that the hours will fly over and that you'll soon get all your Christmas presents. But then you hear a noise, there are thieves downstairs committing a Christmas burglary and stealing all your presents! Its your mission to save Christmas in this Christmas burglary game, You've Been Nick'd! Throw Christmas ornaments at the burglars but be careful not to hit Santa or Christmas will be cancelled FOREVER for all the boys and girls across the whole wide world and it'll be all YOUR FAULT! Okay, its not really all that serious.

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Christmas Burglary Game



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Christmas Burglary Game

Christmas Burglary Game: Play our free online Christmas burglary game, You've Been Nick'd! In this flash Christmas burglary game you have to stop thieves nicking all your Christmas presents

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