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Swig and Toss Game

This Lord of the Rings flash game is based on the old dwarf game Swig and Toss, rarely played outside the Shire. There are a total of ten rounds in this Lord of the Rings flash game, each is preceded by a bet on whether or not you'll hit your target. To play, aim for the red circle on the wall, and use your mouse to control your aim. Click and hold your left hand mouse button to start the needle moving along the accuracy bar, then release the button when the needle is in the green area of the accuracy bar. Between rounds, you can drink from zero to three pints and each drink forces you to wager a greater percentage of your current bank, but each drink, as you may know, also decreases your accuracy and eventually you'll pass out! After you play this Lord of the Rings flash game, why not check out and play our other free online arcade games?



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