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Reindeer Game

Its Christmas time again, the reindeer have got loose and are yet again wrecking Santa's workshop, as they do. In this reindeer game you have to help save Christmas by helping Santa to tranquilise by shooting darts at the reindeer, in a traditional Christmassy type way as you do. Use your mouse to aim and at the reindeer, but aim for their bodies not their antlers or you won't hit them properly.

Of course time is already running out and your little elf friends often get in the way. We blame Hermonie for her Elf Protection League. Damn do-gooder. After you play this free online reindeer game why not check out and play our other free online Christmas games?



Reindeer Game



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Reindeer Game

Reindeer Game: Play our free online reindeer game, Reindeer Roundup. In this flash reindeer shooting game you have to help Santa tranquilize the reindeer with his blowgun

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