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If you're familiar with the classic Risk board game, you'll appreciate this free Risk game download. Essentially the game of Risk is about world conquest and its probably one of the best war board games ever created! Each of the players (and its you against the artificial intelligence of the computer) are allocated countries throughout the world at the beginning of the game. You then have ten armies to deploy, and the conquest begins. You select the neighbouring country you wish to invade then drag your armies into that country and roll the dice to let battle commence. The idea is to build up your Risk game armies by successful invasion - the more countries and continents that are subject to your successful conquest, the more Risk game armies you are allocated each round. Eventually there can only be one Risk winner? will it be you? Risk is a highly addictive conquest game, which you'll wish to play time and again.



Risk Game

Download Free Risk Game

Get this free Risk game download by clicking on the Risk game board image above, or by clicking here. After you have played this download Risk strategy game, why not check out and play our other free online download games?


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