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Roman Puzzle Game

This Roman puzzle game will have you tearing your hair out, but its totally addicting! The game is a set of puzzles whereby you have to work out how to drop the coloured balls into the corresponding Roman vases. Looks easy? Well, that's how it starts out, but each level, set against the backdrop of Roman scenery, gets progressively hard and you'll find it a real puzzle how to make cuts and drops at the right moments to achieve your goals!!

To play this Roman puzzle game, look at each level and try and work out how to cut the dangling balls so that they drop at the right place to hit the others balls to make them roll into the vases. Use your mouse to click on the chains to make the grey balls drop. Sometimes you will need to get them swinging first.




Roman Puzzle Game



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Roman Puzzle Game

Roman Puzzle Game: Play our free online Roman puzzle game that's totally addicting! In this flash Roman puzzle strategy game work out how to complete each level to progress

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