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This is one of our favourite weird Christmas games. It all starts off simple enough, you get to help Santa drop Christmas presents from his sleigh down various chimneys to ensure all the little children get what they deserve at Christmas. But not all the kids are happy, some decide to disrupt Christmas by assaulting Santa with powerful snowballs and as Christmas Eve draws on, even more of the little sods take to the streets!

Santa can get his revenge though. Click on your X key to deliver your Christmas presents to the houses of the good children and your C key for the houses of the bad little blighters. You get to use a ray gun and your little elves will help out during this weird and disturbing evening of what should have been goodwill to all men.



Weird Christmas Games



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Weird Christmas Games

Weird Christmas Games: Play free online weird Christmas games with Mission Mid Winter - one of our favourite flash weird Christmas games

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