Airport Manager Game

There's quite a lot to think about when you're an airport manager. Are there freshly baked sausage rolls in the ground floor bakery, coffee in the coffee pot? Do those cool moving walkways work but not go too fast? What time do the burger bars open and, of course, is the airport itself safe and secure? Oh and the aircraft themselves. They're also important. Very. So, given that they are important, in this airport management game it's your job to land them successfully on the runways and ensure they park up safely because, let's be honest, airport disasters aren't exactly great for publicity although do make cool films even when Jean-Claude Van Damme is in the lead role and it's the 1990s. And make sure your airplanes don't collide. That's bad.

There are different control options depending on the type of device you are playing with so check in-screen for details. After you play this online airport manager game, why not check out our other free online games? If you enjoy this type of game, why not try our classic battleships strategy game or our daily Sokoban game, one of a number of our puzzle games that update daily that you can play by clicking on the 'Play Daily Games' link below or here.


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