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Aliens Shooting Game

In this aliens shooting game you're an American mid-westerner and just don't like anything alien! Doesn't matter if those aliens are from Mexico or Mars, you're gonna kick some butt well, not kick, shoot them down whether they come in peace or not. And they don't, come in peace that is, but they do come with pieces of artillery. The aliens look like something from Mars Attacks, which is one of our favourite movies, and there are a number of levels to the game which become unlocked if you manage to repel the army of aliens during their most unwelcome invasion. Good luck! There are different control options depending on the type of device you are playing with so check in-screen for details. Just remember, don't let lose too much life and try and pick up extra ammo packs to keep those pesky aliens at bay. Oh, and try not to die, that's important. After you've played this aliens shooting game, why not play our other space games?


Aliens Shooting Game

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Aliens Shooting Game

Play our free online aliens shooting game, Aliens Attack, and take down an invading army of aliens

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