Daily Maze Game

You can't beat a good maze game. Well, actually you can. An all expenses paid fortnight in the Caribbean with spending money would do the trick and definitely works for us. Or a yacht with an onboard swimming pool. But hey, that's not on offer. What we have is an online daily maze puzzle for you to solve and you can play in easy, medium or hard modes together with a selection of maze sizes to play. See if you can connect the two dots and you also have the option of playing against a friend as the puzzle has a timer so you can see who can complete the maze in the fastest time. Enjoy!

This maze game uses different controls depending on the device you are playing on so check the in-screen instructions for more details however whatever device you are using, this daily maze puzzle refreshes everyday and is just one of a range of daily puzzles and games for you to enjoy. Check out our others by clicking on the 'Play Daily Games' link below or here.

Daily Sokoban Game

Daily Sokoban Game

Play our free online daily Sokoban game and push the boxes around onto their goals. A new Sokoban puzzle everyday!

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Daily Tracks

Daily Railway Puzzle

One of our many daily puzzles for you. Lay out the tracks to form a railway grid. Today's puzzle is for . Check back tomorrow for a new game!

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