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Family Fortunes Game Online

Although failing to capture any of the er, excitement of the TV show, this online Family Fortunes game is still worth a play, however the game is from our archive so, when it asks "Play Again?" and you hit "yes, obviously" you get transported to a parked domain site that closed many years ago. So, if you are asked to play again, simply refresh your browser and lo, you can without any redirects. Then challenge your family and friends to the board game version of Family Fortunes. The game features 'show' sounds, Fastest Finger First, 'Single Money' and Double Money rounds and finally the Big Money round. Great for game nights, dinner parties and family fun. Played in 2 teams/families. After you play this online Family Fortunes game, why not check out and play our other free TV games?


Family Fortunes Game Online


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