Online Othello Game

Othello is one of our favourite free online games. If you haven't played Othello before (also known as Reversi), it's seems very simple, but you have to keep one step ahead of your online Othello opponent. To play this classic Othello strategy game, you have the white pieces and have to win as many squares as possible. You achieve this by clicking on any square where you can line up your Othello pieces, up down, left, right or diagonally. Once clicked, all your opponent's pieces will turn white. But be careful, if you don't think a few steps ahead, all your Othello pieces will turn black. Try and secure the four corners, as you then can't be leapfrogged. If you're an Othello enthusiast, you'll love this Othello game, if you've not come across Othello before, you'll soon become addicted.

There are different control options depending on the type of device you are playing with so check in-screen for details. After you play this online Othello game, why not check out our other free online games? If you enjoy this type of board game, why not try our puzzles that update daily that you can play by clicking on the 'Play Daily Games' link below or here or play our other board games including chess and checkers below.


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