Online Checkers Game

This is the traditional board game Checkers in which you move your pieces diagonally forward to capture your opponent's pieces by jumping over them. The computer will highlight valid moves. If you manage to reach the other end of the board, your piece becomes a King and can move in both directions, forward and backward. You win the game when the opponent has no more pieces or can't move (even if he/she still has pieces). If neither player can move then it is a draw or a tie.

There are different control options depending on the type of device you are playing with so check in-screen for details. If you enjoy this type of classic board game, why not try our chess game? We also have a number of puzzles that update daily that you can play by clicking on the 'Play Daily Games' link below or here including our daily chess puzzle with a new chess challenge every 24 hours.

Daily Chess Puzzle

Daily Chess Puzzle

This chess puzzle presents real scenarios from chess matches and is suitable both for the beginner and also more experienced chess player as well as those who like up to take up a daily challenge to hone their chess playing skills.

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Online Backgammon Game

Play our free online traditional Backgammon board game against the computer or other online players.

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