Daily Chess Puzzle


Daily Chess Puzzle

The www.purely-games.com daily chess puzzles for .

This chess puzzle presents real scenarios from chess matches and is suitable both for the beginner and also more experienced chess player as well as those who like up to take up a daily challenge to hone their chess playing skills. This daily chess puzzle challenges you to find the best move to play in easy, medium or hard mode (though if you get stuck there is a "hint" option) and the challenge for the day can be located straight under the chess board. See if you can solve the daily chess puzzle and maybe bookmark this page to play on a daily basis?

This daily chess puzzle is just one of a range of daily puzzles and games for you to enjoy. Check out our others below and remember, we publish new versions of each game for you to play each and every day so come back everyday to see what's new! Simply click on the 'Play Daily Games' link below or here.

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